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Must Do Activities

Must Do Activities

Located by the coast of the azure blue Aegean Sea, Didim with its blue flag beaches is one of the regions worth seeing. The golden beaches of Altınkum and Akbük invite you to enjoy the sea and the sun. Surrounded with various bays, Didim delights its guests with the variety of natural wonders. A scenic landscape surrounded with olive and pine trees and natural wonders such as the Bafa Lake, Didim is at the same time the habitat of numerous bird species

Amateur angling is the indispensable passion of many people. Our district has an ideal geographical structure for this passion.

Daily Fishing Tours

Didim is surrounded by seas on 3 sides and there are many heels and pastures. The number of hunters who are aware of these beauties is increasing rapidly and hunting tourism and hunting sports are developing rapidly in our district. In addition to the hunts on the shore, boat tours are organized for amateur anglers who want to fish according to the season, especially in the waters of our district. These tours to the open seas under the leadership of experts have been in great demand recently; There is no fisherman who would not enjoy these adrenaline-filled angling tours that last from early morning until sunset. Many of our boats, which love their job, host guests even from nearby cities. The high participation rate in the angling tournament, the first of which was held in 2015, is proof of this interest. To join these tours departing from Altınkum Pier and Akbük Harbor, it is enough to follow the social media accounts and websites of the boats.

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