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Day trips or longer tours from Didim to the Greek islands offer an opportunity to explore the enchanting views of the Aegean

Greek Islands Tour from Didim

Greek Islands Tour from Didim

Day trips or longer tours from Didim to the Greek islands offer an opportunity to explore the enchanting views of the Aegean. Located on the western coast of Turkey, Didim is an ideal starting point due to its proximity to the Greek islands. These tours provide various options, including visits to islands eligible for on-arrival visa applications.

Tour Program Summary:

Day 1: Departure from Didim

Depart from Didim early in the morning.
Travel by ferry to Rhodes, Kos, or other Greek islands that allow on-arrival visas.
Places to Visit on the Island:

Chios Island: Explore mastic trees and historic villages.
Lesbos Island: Visit villages like Petra and Molyvos, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Rhodes Island: Tour the Old Town, Street of the Knights, and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.
Kos Island: Visit Asclepeion, the Old Town, and the Tree of Hippocrates.
Other Islands: Each island offers its unique historical and natural attractions.
Accommodation and Dining:

Overnight stays depending on the selected tour package, excluding day trips.
Sample Aegean and Greek cuisine at local tavernas on the islands.
Day 2 and Beyond:

For tours with overnight stays, more extensive tours and activities within the island.
Return to Didim in the afternoon of the last day.
Included in the Tour Price:

Round-trip ferry tickets.
Accommodation (varies by selected tour).
Some tours offer half-board or full-board dining options.
Guided services (optional).
Transfers within the island.
Additional Information:

Tours are more frequent during the summer months, but travel opportunities are also available in spring and autumn.
To take advantage of the on-arrival visa, passport details must be up-to-date when making the tour reservation.
Day trips typically start early in the morning and can last until late evening.
These tours are a perfect getaway from Didim to the Greek islands. Thanks to the on-arrival visa, which provides easy access, you can seize the chance to discover the unique landscapes and culture of the Aegean. An unforgettable holiday experience awaits you with a Greek islands tour from Didim.