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Kos Island Historical places

Kos Island Historical places

Kos Island, known as the father of medical science, is one of the most important symbols of the island in the hometown of Hippocrates and the world-famous Hippocrates Tree in the city center. Asklepion, located 4 km from the city center, is a historical site dedicated to Asklepios, the god of health, after the death of Hippocrates. In mythological times, Hippocrates has shown that human therapy can be achieved through education, and has established a medical center called Asklepion. Nowadays, there are historical temples, a medical school, the Roman Baths and the remains of the Apostle Apostle. Kos Island Archeology Museum, which was built by the Italians in 1935, and a statue of Hippocrates made of marble outside the ruins of Greek and Roman civilizations, is one of the most important places on the list of places to visit.

There is the Hippocrates Tree, believed to be lecturing students to Hippocrates in the shade of the village, 500 meters away from Kos, 2400 years ago.

Tree of Hippocrates

The ruins in the town where the historical ruins and the modern city are intertwined have emerged with the earthquake in 1933. The cafes, shops, the Roman Agora, the ancient temple and the basilica are within walking distance of each other with palm and pine trees. It is 500 meters away from this area and there is the Hippocrates Tree, which was believed to be teaching a lesson to its students 2400 years ago.

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