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This is an ideal length for a historical tour if you are short of time or want a quick change during your holiday? Here we have a great offer for you. Half day Ephesus tour, is one of our best short tours. We pick you from your hotel or property and drive you to the site. If you live in Didim it takes one hour fifteen minutes and if you are in Kuşadası it takes only 15 minutes to arrive at the site. On arrival your guide will take you through the Magnesian Gate and start the tour. 

Your guide will give you a summary of the city as he walks with you to see the ruins. During your trip you will be able to see Bouleterioun, State Agora, Stoa, Gate of Hercules, Memmius and Polio Fountains, Nike, Trajan and Hadrian Temples, Vespasian Bath, Celsius Library, Public Agora, Marble Road, Amphitheatre and Gymnasium. Ephesus is the best preserved Greco-Roman city and the sites hosts millions of visitors every year. So while you are in Turkey and living especially in Didim and Kusadasi we highly recommend you to visit this amazing antic city.

This is a half day tour which is done regular and privately in the morning or afternoon. You can select your inclusions while booking. The tour is commenced from Didim or Kuşadası. For Bodrum or any other places get in contact with our company through email or phone call please.

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